United Engine Corporation to conduct flight test of engines for Russian MS-21

168. –осси€. ћосковска€ область. 19 августа. ћакет нового гражданского узкофюзел€жного самолета ћ—-21 компании Ђ»ркутї на международном авиационно-космическом салоне ћј —-2009 в ∆уковском. ‘ото »“ј–-“ј——/ ћаксим Ўеметов

Flight tests of the newest PD-14 engine for Russia’s MS-21 airliner will begin in the coming months, said deputy general director of United Engine Corporation Dmitry Kolodyazhni.

Last year in the network of MS-21 project a set of structurally similar components of vertical and horizontal stabilizers was manufactured and handed over to TsAGI for testing.  Specialists of Aviastar-SP manufactured and delivered to Irkutsk Aviation Plant fuselage panels for sections F1, F2, F3 and F4 for the first MS-21 flying prototype. Assembly of doors is in progress.

MS-21 family of short- and medium-haul airliners is being developed by Irkut Corporation in cooperation with United Aircraft Corporation, Aviastar-SP, AeroComposit, United Engine Corporation and other Russian and foreign companies. In the network of cooperation, the Ulyanovsk-based aviation plant is responsible for production of the following components: fuselage panels for sections F1, F2, F3, F4, F5; fin compartment and APU compartment; all the doors (11 doors per aircraft); vertical and horizontal stabilizers (with rudders and elevators).


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