The range of Buk-M3 reached 70 km


The range of Buk-M3 air defense system reached 70 km – 25 km more compared to its predecessor; the system even outmatched long-range S-300 air defense system by a number of parameters, TASS reports with reference to a source close to Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Results of state testing confirm that the system is in line with the performance specification matching the parameters of S-300 and even outmatched it by some parameters,” the source said.

“First of all this refers to possibility of hitting a target: 0,9999 for Buk-M3, higher than the parameter of S-300”, – the source noted. He added: “the system’s range was increased by 25 km (compared to its predecessor) and reached 70 km”.

In April deliveries of the test Buk-M3 systems to the armed forces were started. “Now prior to putting the Buk-M3 into service we have to carry out joint testing in summer at the same firing range. In case the testing is successful, the system will be put into service this autumn,” the source noted. According to him, Buk-M3 will be included in the State Defense Order for 2016 after signing a contract for delivery of production systems by December 2015. “Air Defense Forces of the Army will take delivery of the first Buk-M3 systems in winter 2016,” the source added.

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