Vladimir Putin allowed army recruits to do an alternative service at defense enterprises

Vladimir Putin

President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that he has signed a document allowing young men, which should be involved in the work of the military-industrial sector, to do an alternative service in “production squadrons”, Interfax reports.

“Yesterday me and Sergey Kuzhugetovich (Shoygu) agreed, and I signed the document, which allows young men we need to work at defense enterprises to do an alternative service at these enterprises in “production squadrons”,” Putin said following the results of a meeting dedicated to development of Russian armed forces. The president also noted that the military education must be upgraded by means of introducing state-of-the-art IT technologies and other solutions.

“It is obvious that we need to implement automated data exchange systems connecting higher education institutions (technical universities), scientific research institutes and military units. This will help use educational and scientific information, educational and scientific potential more efficiently and allow developing programs for continuous remote training of service members,” Putin said. Moreover, the President added that the education system would use real-life experience, gained by military units during military exercises and training. Two years ago The Russian Rectors’ Union suggested the idea of allowing students of technical universities to do alternative service at defense enterprises.

“The graduates of technical universities must work at defense enterprises in accordance with their specialties,” Secretary General of the Russian Rectors’ Union Olga Kashirina said at inter-regional online meeting of rectors of higher education institutions and heads of enterprises of the military-industrial sector, which was held on May 14th 2013 in Tula.

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