Development of an aircraft carrier has been completed in Russia


Krylov State Research Center (KGNTs, St. Petersburg)) has completed design of a new multi-role heavy aircraft carrier; the project was designated 23000E “Storm”, Interfax-AVN reports with reference to and

“The ship is designed for carrying out different missions in the far-ocean zone, it is able to attack ground and surface targets using its own weapons and aircraft; the carrier is also able to provide air defense,” KGNTs Director Valery Polyakov said.

The ship’s length will be 330 meters, width – 40 meters, draught – 11 meters. Its maximum speed will be 30 knots. The following aircraft will be deployed on the carrier: MiG-29K and T-50 carrier-based fighters, AWACS aircraft as well as Ka-27 multi-role helicopters. Earlier the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that a new aircraft carrier for Russian navy is being developed.

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