60 official delegations from 43 countries to visit the International Maritime Defense Show 2015


The project “International Maritime Defence Show” (IMDS) initially originated and was successfully implemented for the first time in St. Petersburg in the days of 2003 when the 300 anniversary of the city was celebrating.

In the following IMDS was successfully held six times which includes IMDS-2013 with 457 participants from 31 countries, among them 89 foreign companies. IMDS-2013 was visited by 75 official delegations from 51 countries, among them almost all the countries involved in production and operation of marine equipment. In the delegations there were five Ministers of Defence, fourteen Commanders-in-Chief of the Naval Forces and other senior officials.

IMDS-2013 wide format allowed presenting in a single exhibition space an exposition based on 17,000 square metres, 36 ships, boats and vessels at the berths. At the artillery range of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation firing demonstrations from 10 naval artillery systems were held for mass-media representatives and foreign official delegations. During IMDS-2013 there were 30 congress and business events, including five international research-to-practice conferences.


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