Legal framework being readied for more drones to fly

dozor uav

Rostec Corporation unveiled a UAV demonstrator in April 2015, with a wing span of 2.4 metres and weighing 3.8 kg. The demonstrator is capable of reaching speeds of 90-100 kms/hour and it can fly for one to 1.5 hours.

“We managed to create a drone in 2.5 months;  all the way from the concept to the working prototype,” Vladimir Kutakhov, representative of the state corporation Rostec, said during the second International Conference on “Unmanned aircraft – 2015”. “The actual production time is 31 hours and the cost of production of the demonstrator, under 200.000 rubles,” he said.

“At one time, CAD technology resulted in reducing the time spent on design. Now we speak about the use of additive technology which is expected to reduce the time for prototyping and pre-production. The downside is that these technologies are still largely “raw”. In my opinion, the use of such approach when creating the elements of power structures is questionable,” Denis Fedutinov, leading Russian expert on unmanned systems and robotics told RIR.


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