Foreign customers interested in autonomous underwater vehicle Yunona


Foreign customers are showing interest in the autonomous underwater vehicle “Yunona”, which was first introduced by “Rubin” at the forum “Army-2015” in Moscow.

This was announced on June 19 by General Director Igor Bureau Vilnit. “Yunona” interested foreign customers, but more importantly, that there is interest on the part of the Navy. I think that this machine will be in great demand,” a spokesman said.

The device “Yunona” is intended to survey the underwater environment, study, collection and transmission of information, work on the Arctic shelf, solutions of search tasks and providing rescue operations. It is rated to a depth of thousands of meters, the autonomous work of the machine continues six hours. The length of “Yunona” is 2.9 meters, the diameter – 0.2 meters and weight of 80 kg.


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