RSC Energia: heavy Angara launch vehicle will be fitted with DM-type upper stage


Energia Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC Energia) is developing a DM-type upper stage for Angara-A5 heavy launch vehicle (LV), said in the quarter report, posted at the corporation’s website, TASS reports.

“Development of DM-type upper stage is being carried out at Plesetsk cosmodrome. The upper stage is intended for Angara-A5 LV designed to place different spacecraft into orbit in accordance with federal programs,” said in the document.

A family of D-type upper stages was developed on the basis of the fifth stage of N1-L3 Soviet launch vehicle, designed for performing flights to the Moon. The upper stage is powered by kerosene-oxygen engines. DM model was developed in order to place satellites into geostationary orbit; at present DM-2, MD-2M and DM-03 models are used.


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