Dmitry Rogozin noted that Mistrals couldn’t be sold without the permission of Russia


France cannot sell Mistral helicopter carriers, which should have been delivered to Russian Federation, to a third party without the permission of Russia, Interfax reports with reference to Russian Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin. “They cannot sell anything without our permission,” he told journalists.

Rogozin suggested that, most likely, the French military authorities suggested selling the vessels to a third party or sinking them. “It’s their military authorities, I think they are trying to intimidate their politicians. The ship is not adapted,” the Vice Premier noted.

The ship was certified, according to Rogozin, “from signs to power supply system”. “In general it meets the performance specification issued by Russian navy. I don’t understand how they can use or sell them,” he said.

Moreover, according to the Vice Premier, Russia has the end-used certificate for the after parts of Mistrals.

Journalists asked him, if France agreed with the Russia’s arguments and Rogozin answered: “I’ve explained all the details to them”. Negotiations are in progress, the Vice Premier added. “I think everything will be fine, don’t worry,” he said.

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