A project for construction of water aerodrome in Kamchatka will cost 67 million rubles


FSUE Tsentralnoye proektnoye obyedineniye (stands for Central Project Association), part of the Spetsstroy of Russia, issued a tender for development of a project for construction of water aerodrome in Zavoiko settlement (Kamchatka Krai); 67,5 million rubles will be allocated for this project, the request was posted at the website to state procurement, RIA Novosti Nedvizhimost reports.

“The parameters of A-40 “Albatros” (amphibian aircraft) are used for calculations at design stage,” said in the document.

A main contractor must design the aerodrome having dimensions of 6х4,5 km and a depth of around 5 meters; the territory must be fitted with floating lights and special reference points. It also must have parking for four seaplanes, two seaplane ramps and a quay for staff boats.

Moreover, the contractor will have to design drainage facilities, control center, asphalt-concrete site for ground support equipment and vehicles, parking for staff cars, hangars, warehouse, checkpoint and roads located inside the aerodrome’s territory.

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