Su-27 fighter became a part of new display at the All-Russian Exhibition Center on the eve of Victory Day

274238-blackangel (1)

Sukhoi Company, part of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), handed Su-27 fighter over to the All-Russian Exhibition Center (AREC); the jet was operated by Russian air forces before. The solemn ceremony dedicated to the opening of the display located near Kosmos (Space) pavilion was held on the eve of Victory Day, UAC’s press-service reports.

“The jet was manufactured by Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant in 1987; it was operated by the Kubinka air base of Russian air forces, then it was demilitarized and delivered to AREC from Gromov Flight Research Institute by specialists of Sukhoi Company. The jet still has all the equipment, displays, pilot’s seat, cockpit canopy and other components. Su-27 became a part of the display “Aviation and Cosmonautics” created in the territory of AREC in accordance with the decision made by President of Russia Vladimir Putin,” said in the statement.

The legendary fighter was developed in 1970s. The jet performed its maiden flight in 1977. Later an aircraft family was developed on the basis of Su-27: two-seat Su-27UB, carrier-based Su-33, multi-role two-seat Su-30 and single-seat Su-35S as well as special Su-34 attack aircraft. It is one of the best fourth-generation fighters and its versions are operated by Russian air forces and exported to many other countries of the world. These jets are also manufactured in China and India under license.


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