Strizhi aerobatic team turned 24


24 years ago Strizhi aerobatic team was established in Russia. The team is a part of 237th Proskurov Guards Aircraft Demonstration Center awarded with the Order of the Red Banner named after Air Force Marshal Ivan Kozhedub, GTRK Kuban reports.

The establishment of the team comprising high-skilled military pilots was started in 1980s. At that time the regiment put into service 20 MiG-29 fighters. Pilots mastered the ”diamond” formation using these jets, and in 1990 they performed aerial stunts during formation flying (6 jets were involved, distance between them was around three meters).

Today Strizhi is the world’s only aerobatic team to carry out solo and formation flights using MiG-29 fighters. Every year the pilots perform over 50 demonstration flights in different countries of the world. In 1993 the squadron was awarded a title of “The best aerobatic team in the world”. In 2007 during a joint flight with Russian Knights the teams set a world record – the group of 9 jets in a “diamond formation” performed a complete set of aerial stunts. At present Strizhi are training the second generation of pilots.

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