NASA Chief: cooperation between USA and Russia in the area of space remains close


Cooperation between USA and Russia in the area of space remains close. It was stated by the NASA chief Charles Bolden at an international conference related to preparation of manned flight to Mars, held by the George Washington University and the largest companies of the US space industry, TASS reports.

“Our cooperation and partnership remain close. We continue joint implementation of several projects,” he said.

According to Bolden, NASA and Roscosmos have a “great relationship despite political controversy”. “We have been working in close cooperation with Roscosmos since 1990s – late 1980s,” he noted.

Bolden stressed the importance of joint operation of ISS. “Our technical and scientific cooperation is at the high level. We must be very careful to preserve this progress. Politicians understand full well that we must continue our cooperation in the network of ISS project,” he said.

NASA chief also said that the Russian party “agreed to continue joint operation of ISS until 2024”.


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