Russian companies are leaders in technological innovation


Thomson Reuters Company summed up the results of technological innovation over the past decade.

Analysts say that in 2014 the pace of creation of new patents has slowed down (an increase of only 3% compared to 2013 year – the lowest increase since the end of the global recession). The number of scientific publications were even reduced (by as much as 34%). Also, the trend is gaining momentum, “open innovation”: companies are increasingly collaborating with research organizations in the development of new technologies.

Russian companies and research institutions are also presented in the rankings:

  • in exploration (oil and gas) “Tatneft” won first place in the top five European innovators;
  • in space technologies “Energy” occupies the second place (103 inventions);
  • JSC “Information Satellite Systems named after Reshetnev” – the fourth (52 inventions);
  • in pharmaceuticals the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia took third place (in 2014 – 375 inventions);
  • in the study of semiconductors Russian Academy of Sciences – the second highest (3574 articles indexed in the Web of Science for 2004-2014).

Finally, boundaries between different industries continue to blur: dozens of companies (from Apple to Du Pont) are increasingly patenting inventions. So, Samsung was among the top 25 recipients of patents in nine of the 12 technologies mentioned in the report.

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