Development of auxiliary power unit for MS-21 aircraft will be completed in November


NPP Aerosila is developing a new gas-turbine auxiliary power unit (APU) TA18-200MS for the next-generation medium-haul MS-21 airliner, Voenno-promishlenniy Courier reports with reference to NPP Aerosila Deputy CEO & Chief Designer, Leonid Plakhov.

«So far we have completed bench tests of the APU and carried out tests at the CIAM’s altitude test facilities in order to confirm the high-altitude engine start capability. We are going to complete development of the new APU in November 2015,» L.Plakhov said.

According to him, the test TA18-200MS APU is ready for the first stage of certification testing (150 hours of bench testing).

«At the same time systems of the APU are being tested and mounting dimensions of the APU and its compartment are being defined together with the Irkut Corporation,» Plakhov added.

«The research and development work is aimed at phasing out imports. MS-21 airliner should have been powered by US engines and APUs, but the latest APU developed in Russia may be installed on the aircraft powered by US engine as well as the jet powered by Russian PD-14 engines,» he said.

He noted that the new APU must assure the work of all the aircraft systems of MS-21.

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