China will have to purchase Su-35 fighters


China needs Russian super-maneuverable multi-role Su-35 fighters, despite the fact that Beijing has carried out flight testing of it own latest fighter J-11D, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Want China Times.

J-11D was derived from J-11B, which is analogue of Su-27 manufactured in China. Probably the most outstanding feature of J-11D is the fact that it is fitted with avionics installed on the more advanced J-16 fighter. The jet is fitted with radar with an active electronically scanned array (AESA), which allows detecting an enemy at longer distances compared to its predecessors, as well as attacking several targets simultaneously, National Interest reports.

China needs Su-35 in order to fill the gap in the fleet of its air forces. Even if China increases output to two J-11 jets per month it won’t be enough to reduce the gap between Chinese air forces and air forces of other countries. In addition, it is unclear, when J-11 will be able to compete with other fifth-generation fighters.

Su-35 is the “4++”-generation fighter derived from Su-27. However, it has some advantages over its predecessor: it is a super-maneuverable fighter able to fly at large angles of attack, it is fitted with powerful weapons and has great capabilities for air combat.


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