RT-Chemcomposite mastered the new glazing technology


RT-Chemcomposite Holding introduced a new production technology that improves the quality of large-sized electrically heated glazing products of complex shape. Products manufactured using the new patented technology have a highly conductive coating and improved optical performance indicators.

Today, almost every vehicle is equipped with electrically heated glass. This glazing technology is a complex step-by-step process involving bending (acquiring the desired shape of glass, which occurs on the special attachment under high temperature), creating of the heating zone by spraying aerosol of the conductive layer on one of the blanks and gluing of laminated glass.

The traditional spraying method is applied on the already bended glass, and therefore, the most difficult and complex part of work is when it is necessary to calculate and provide such bended blanks that after gluing do not produce optically distorted finished product.


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