India keen to build frigates jointly with Russia


The Indian government has expressed interest in jointly building frigates with Russia, under Project 11356, in India, Oleg Shumakov, CEO of the Baltic Shipyard ‘Yantar’ said in an interview to RIA Novosti .

Russia has supplied six frigates to India between 2003 and 2013, under Project 11356, all of which were built by the ‘Baltic Plant’ in St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad factory ‘Yantar’. The first three ships carry the Russian cruise missile system “Club-N” on board, while the other three frigates are armed with cruise missile “Brahmos,” jointly produced by Russia and India.

“Having completed a series of three Indian orders, we were hoping that India would extend their cooperation with us, especially since the Indian Defence Ministry mentioned that their Navy needed another three or four ships of this class. Now they are planning to produce such ships at home, of course, with our participation and under our patronage,” Shumakov said.

Shumakov said the frigates to be built in India would be armed with more sophisticated weapons than the ones carried by the existing ships of the project.


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