United Rocket and Space Corporation is going to establish a holding company responsible for production of rocket engines

Ustanovka RKN na PU

United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC) is elaborating proposals for establishing a unique holding company comprising enterprises specializing in development and production of rocket engines. In this case URSC is establishing a truly unique company – so far there are no large holding companies specializing in development of engines for rockets and spacecraft in any country of the world, Izvestiya reports.

“Yes, we are working on scenario for establishing a new holding company specializing in production and development of rocket engines as a part of URSC, — URSC Deputy CEO on production development, Igor Arbuzov, said. — Results will be submitted to the head of Roscosmos (Federal Space Agency) Igor Komarov and URSC CEO Yuri Vlasov by June 1st 2015”.

Integration of enterprises of the rocket and space industry into large holding companies was started in 2010: Roscosmos offered to integrate all the enterprises and scientific institutions of the Russian space industry into six companies. One corporation should have specialized in production of all types o satellites; other one – in development of launch vehicles, third one — manned spacecraft and orbital stations. Since that time this idea has been changed several times, but in general the direction remained the same: for instance, a company responsible for all the aspects of instrument making is being established on the basis of Russian Space Systems.


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