New Yak-130 jets were delivered to Belarusian Ministry of Defense


Belarusian Ministry of Defense reported that a solemn ceremony dedicated to delivery of new Yak-130 operational trainers to 116th Guards Assault Air Base was held on April 27th 2015 at Lida airfield, press-service of Irkut Corporation reports.

Representatives of Belarusian government, diplomatic corps, commanders of the armed forces, air forces and air defense forces as well as delegation of Irkut Corporation took part in the ceremony. According to the statement, the 116th Guards Assault Air Base is being rearmed in the network of the State Arms Program; it is the example of fruitful cooperation between Belarus and Russian Federation.

“Yak-130 aircraft were delivered from Irkutsk by Il-76 military-transport aircraft. The Yak-130 jets were assembled by specialists of Irkut Corporation at the maintenance workshop of the 116th Guards Assault Air Base. Under the contract between Russia and Belarus a total of four Yak-130 operational trainers were delivered to the air base; the jets will form a new squadron. Theoretical training of pilots and maintenance personnel of the air base was being carried out at Zhukovsky training center (Moscow Region). Belarusian Ministry of Defense noted that deliveries of these new jets will expand the capabilities of the national air forces in terms of pilot training,” said in the statement.


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