Columbia is going to expand its fleet of military helicopters


Columbia is going to expand its fleet of military helicopters operated by the country’s air forces, TASS reports with reference to Columbian Minister of National Defense Juan Bueno and European Security and Defense Press Association.

“Today we have the third largest fleet of Black Hawk helicopters (after USA and Turkey). We also operate Mi-8/17 Family helicopters and we are satisfied with their performance,” Bueno told TASS speaking about further development of the military helicopters fleet operated in Columbia.

At that the minister noted that Columbia has a vast experience of operating military helicopters.

TASS reported earlier with reference to Commander of the army aviation of the Columbian armed forces Brigade General Emiro Jimenez, that Columbian special task units fighting the drug trafficking and Command of the Columbian army aviation highly appreciated the performance of Mi-8/17 Family helicopters. According to him, Mi-17V-5 helicopters are playing key part in operations against drug trafficking. “These vehicles are of great importance in terms of providing air support to special task units during this type of operations,” the General noted.

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