Russian Navy’s 5 most deadly weapons of war


The Russian Navy has a lot of catching up to do. After decades of being chronically underfunded, Russia’s defense budget has finally grown to the point where the country is building new naval vessels. Russia’s defense budget, which was at $68.9 billion in 2013, will hit $81 billion this year.

Much of that will go to the Russian Navy. Russia is beginning to rebuild her fleet, with an emphasis on submarines and the country’s sea-based nuclear deterrent. A new surface fleet centered around a new aircraft carrier is planned, possibly including multiple aircraft carriers. An effort to deploy a new amphibious force has stalled with the cancellation of a sale of two Mistral helicopter carriers.

The top 5 included an aircraft carrier perspective, non-nuclear submarine of project 677 and 636, nuclear submarine missile project 955 and a large amphibious ship “Ivan Gren”.


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