Roscosmos is going to increase the number of satellites working on behalf of the national economy to 100 ones


Roscosmos is going to expand the orbital constellation working on behalf of the national economy from 80 to 100 satellites by 2025, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Head of the Federal Space Agency, Igor Komarov.

“All the new spacecraft must match the world’s best analogues. The number of satellites, which are of social and economic importance, will increase from 35 to 65 ones, over 17 of them are Earth remote sensing satellites. And we are not taking into account GLONASS satellites, whose constellation includes 24 spacecraft plus 2 backup ones,” Komarov said.

According to the head of Roscosmos, all the GLONASS satellites, which are being operated now, will be replaced.

“We have already elaborated a proposal for significant improvement of precision of the Russian satellite navigation system. It comprises a number of measures,” he noted.

Komarov also said that Russia has no radar-mapping satellites with a resolution of around 1 meter, however, he promised to solve this problem. “This problem will be solved in 2017,” the Head of Roscosmos added.

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