Yuri Slusar: UAC is going to expand its business in Southeast Asia


United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is going to expand its business in Southeast Asia over the next five years. It was stated by the UAC President Yuri Slusar during official visit of Russian delegation, headed by the Chairman of Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev, to Vietnam and Thailand, UAC’s press-service reports.

«The most important markets for SSJ100 aircraft are Russia, Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Each of these three regions requires a specific business model. We are not going to just deliver new aircraft to Vietnam and Thailand; we are also going to expand the existing business in these countries. One of the most important tasks is to establish an aftersales support system here. In this regard we are counting on support of our partners,» Yuri Slusar noted.

The Russian next-generation Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft sparked interest among countries of Southeast Asia. The key advantage of this jet is low operating costs (15-20% lower compared to other aircraft in its class). It is also competitive in terms of aircraft performance, comfort and economics, which allow it to attract attention of customers, UAC noted.

UAC hopes that SSJ100 will become an attracting option in 70-100-seat segment for many Asian air carriers. The capacity of Southeast Asia’s market (excluding China) for SSJ100 is about 100 vehicles. Strengthening UAC’s positions at this market is one of the corporation’s top-priority objectives.


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