Foreing companies showing interest in Russian drones


Russian-made drones could soon be flying in China. The Ptero-Go unmanned aircraft system (UAS), made by AFM-Servers of Moscow, is being pitched to foreign buyers, including potential customers in China, the company said Wednesday. AFM-Servers said the Ptero-Go UAS would not only be used by Russian law enforcement agencies.

Amir Valiev, director general of AFM-Servers, told Sputnik News that the company is in talks with potential buyers in China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The company has reportedly seen strong interest from the Asian market.

Sputnik News reported that foreign customers have already ordered six UAS systems, with two delivered last year and two more ready to go out soon. “We have already conducted acceptance delivery tests for the two Ptero-G0 UAS set for delivery to our foreign partners,” Valiev told Sputnik News. He declined to say which countries have already received the systems.


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