Sevastopol marine company will receive 70 million rubles from the Russian budget


Sevastopol marine plant, which before the March of nationalization belonged to the group Corporation “Ukrprominvest” the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, will receive 70 million rubles from the state budget for the organization of work for the production run, said the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo.

according to his statement, sevmorzavod is a strategic enterprise for the city, which some time ago was forming. However, after privatization, the owner has invested in the development of a dime.

“now, I note that the situation here will change. There is an order of the President and the decision of the government of the Russian Federation about downloading ship-repair plants of the Crimea, and among them Sevmorzavod. With the Ministry of Finance, we agreed on the allocation of 70 million rubles To the company has been licensed and conducted preparatory work, ” Menyailo said in

He also told that Now focuses on collaboration Sevmorzavod and the United shipbuilding Corporation. The city, According to the head, does not have the budgetary resources to develop the enterprise.


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