KRET will deliver new EW systems to air defense forces


Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET) will deliver new Krasuha high-efficient ground EW systems, which will increase the efficiency of the national defense in different regions, including the Arctic Region, KRET’s press-service reports.

«Unique Krasuha EW systems developed by KRET are designed to protect the most important state and military administration facilities as well as military infrastructure located in different parts of Russia, including Arctic Region. Krasuha-4 systems protect area of several hundreds square kilometers from radar detection, because they are able to neutralize radars of strike and carrier-based aircraft using electronic jamming. The system generates powerful jamming on major frequencies of radars and other emitters,» the company noted.

In 2011 mass production of the new Krasuha EW systems was started. At present the systems are being delivered to the armed forces. These are unique electronic warfare systems, which are cornerstone of the advanced integrated air defense system. Such products are able to jam almost any state-of-the-art system, radar, or other technical means used for controlling troops and weapons.

At present the country’s air space is protected by Aerospace Defense Forces. They are able to detect and destroy any military aircraft and weapons: from ground- and sea-based intercontinental ballistic missiles to unmanned aerial vehicles. Putting Krasuha EW systems into service will significantly expand capabilities of Aerospace Defense Forces, in particular, it will help increase the combat survivability against enemy high-precision weapons, KRET noted.


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