Russia receives two MiG-31BM squadrons


Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Yury Borisov has told reporters that the air force has taken delivery of 24 modernised MiG-31BM ‘Foxhound’ interceptors.

The Khotilovo fighter regiment received a squadron of 12 MiG-31BM aircraft in late 2014, but a destination for the second squadron has not been announced.

While inspecting the Sokol Nizhiy Novgorod Aviation Plant on 9 April, Borisov said 12-13 MiG-31 airframes will be upgraded each year.

“We expect more than 130 aircraft in the inventory,” he added.

United Aircraft Corporation subsidiary RSK MiG is modernising 110 interceptors by 2019 under two contracts worth RUB46 billion (USD896 million).

Borisov did not reconcile the discrepancy between 110 under contract and his total of 130.

The modernisation programme is updating the aircraft’s avionics, cockpit displays, datalinks, radar, and fire control systems. Russian media indicated that the fuselage and landing gear are also refurbished in the process.

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