The number of Russian fighters deployed in Belarus is being discussed

Russia and Belarus are negotiating the number of Russian fighters to be deployed in Belarus, Voenno-promishlenniy Courier reports with reference to the ambassador of Belarus to Russia, Igor Petrishenko.

«At present four fighters of the Russian air forces are deployed in Baranovichi (Belarus) in order to protect the airspace of Russia and Belarus. The final number of fighters to be deployed in Belarus is being discussed,» he said.

In addition, I.Petrishenko said that this year Belarusian air forces and air defense forces would use Russian Ashuluk and Telemba firing ranges for practicing.

”Boevoye Sodruzhestvo – 2015” (stands for military comradeship) maneuvers, will include firing air defense systems, which are parts of CIS Air Defense System,» the official explained.

He reminded that this year Belarus would take delivery of four Yak-130 operational trainers and four divisions of S-300 air defense systems.


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