RSC Energia may offer Roscosmos the Sea Launch project


RSC Energia is considering the possibility of selling Sea Launch project to Roscosmos or a foreign company; the project may also be terminated due to bankruptcy, TASS reports with reference to a source familiar with the situation.

“Among possible scenarios: selling the project to another country or an investor, “nationalizing” the project by means of upgrading the facilities for launching Russian launch vehicles (first of all Angara-A3) instead of US ones,” the source said.

He also added that these scenarios might be integrated. For example, a foreign investor may fund the project and the facilities upgraded for launching Angara LVs may be located in one of the interested countries, he explained. The third scenario is bankruptcy, he added.

Earlier RSC Energia President Vladimir Solntsev said that three scenarios of further development of Sea Launch project are being elaborated. He promised that the scenarios would be presented to Roscosmos “soon”; after that one of them would be submitted to the government.

Sea Launch Company established in 1995 is the largest commercial international project for developing and operating a “floating spaceport” used to launch Zenit-3SL rockets with DM-SL upper stage manufactured by RSC Energia.


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