Technodinamika Developing a Fire Protection System for MC-21 Jet


Technodinamika Holding , a Rostec subsidiary, is developing a fire protection system for the proposed Russian MC-21 jet airliner in cooperation with the US-based Curtiss-Wright Corporation (CWC). Trials of the new system are scheduled for 2016-2017.

The new MC-21 airliner will be used not only within Russia, but also in other countries. The aircraft in the MC-21 family are designed to carry between 130 and 211 passengers. The airliner is expected to go into production in 2017. The holding company’s CEO Maxim Kuzyuk told the RIA Novosti newswire about the progress of development and planned trials in an interview.

“We are planning to complete development of the fire protection system together with Curtiss-Wright by the end of this year, and test it in 2016-2017. The system has superior specifications and better performance than any systems currently available in the Russian market. It uses components that are 20% lighter than comparable equipment, and will be more compact by using a new assembly design and fire extinguishers of smaller weight,” Maxim Kuzyuk said.

The CEO of Technodinamika noted that the system is being developed for the MC-21, but can be adapted for use in both Sukhoi Superjet 100 and other airliners, including wide-body and cargo airplanes.


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