Russian air forces to take delivery of 16 Su-34 bombers in 2015


Novosibirsk Aviation Plant (part of Sukhoi Company) is successfully implementing a program for delivering Su-34 bombers to Russian air forces, Director of Military Aviation Programs Directorate of UAC, Vladimir Mikhailov (ex-Commander-in-Chief of he Russian air forces) told Interfax-AVN.

“This year the plant must deliver 16 Su-34 bombers. The enterprise is ready to manufacture even more jets of the type this year,” Mikhailov said during visit of Deputy Defense Minister of Russian Federation, Yuri Borisov, to Novosibirsk.

According to Mikhailov, “jets manufactured under this year’s production program are being assembled”. “Three jets will be delivered to the customer soon,” V.Mikhailov said. He thanked the management team of Novosibirsk Aviation Plant and Sukhoi Company for “implementation of Su-34 project”. “The enterprise is doing well,” he added.

Mikhailov said that Su-34 bomber has a bright future. “This aircraft is going to replace Su-24 bombers. It is a good aircraft capable of performing long-range flights using aerial refueling. In other words, the jet meets all the requirements for a bomber of this class,” he said.

“Over 100 Su-34 bombers will be manufactured in order to replace Su-24s,” he added. In his own turn, Head of the Armaments Department of Russian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant General Anatoly Gulyaev, praised the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant for its work. “We are confident that the plant will implement its production program for 2015,” Gulyaev said.


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