Russian Ministry of Defense is ready to purchase a batch of new MS-21 aircraft


MS-21 airliner developed by Irkut Corporation will be purchased by Russian armed forces, Deputy Minister of Defense, Yuri Borisov told Interfax-AVN.

“We are in a great need of aircraft of this type. We are waiting for a test program to complete. So expect us to place an order for MS-21 aircraft,” Yuri Borisov said during his visit to Irkutsk Aviation Plant (the enterprise is assembling MS-21 aircraft).

According to the Deputy Minister of Defense, the ministry “is absolutely interested in purchase of Russian-produced aircraft, because our legislation allows the Defense Ministry to operate only Russian-produced vehicles and equipment”.

MS-21 is the next-generation passenger aircraft; it is the top-priority project of the Russian aircraft industry in the civil aviation segment. The main contractor of MS-21 project is Irkut Corporation (part of United Aircraft Corporation).

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