Irkutsk Aviation Plant to deliver around 40 Su-30SM and Yak-130 jets to Russian armed forces


Irkutsk Aviation Plant to deliver 27 Su-30SM fighters and 12 Yak-130 operational trainers to Russian armed forces this year, TASS reports with reference to the Deputy Minister of Defense, Yuri Borisov.

“This year Irkutsk Aviation Plant must deliver 27 Su-30SM fighters to Russian air forces and navy as well as 12 Yak-130 operational trainers in the network of the State Defense Order,” he said during his visit to the enterprise.

According to experts, Borisov said, “these figures are feasible and realistic”. “Deliveries will be started in April,” he noted.

He also added that Russian Ministry of Defense supports the enterprise by placing additional orders for Su-30SM jets. Taking into account a high export potential of products manufactured by the enterprise, he added: “The plant’s backlog represents at least three years of production and assures its development and technical re-equipping”.

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