New portable radar to help reduce battlefield “accidents”


The Russian army’s Southern Command received a new radar for reconnaissance and fire power control – “Aistenok” (“Baby Stork”). It is efficient for use in local conflicts, allowing greater mobility during operations. This system is designed for “company-battalion” type units and is capable of detecting shots and devices both on the ground and in the air. The key objective of the 1L 271 radar is to optimise effective functioning for artillery units by detecting coordinates of enemy artillery and adjusting appropriate gun fire.

The radar system was developed by JSC Concern “Almaz-Antey”. The system weighs 135 kg and is modular. This enables reconnaissance units to relocate “Aistenok” by car and even manually, with 3-4 people. The radar can be assembled and prepared for work in 5 minutes. The structure consists of a tripod with radar support and a rotating unit, a transceiver with an antenna, an electric plant with the power supply unit, a primary information processing unit, a remote control and a radio station, all interconnected by cables. Information about its functioning is displayed on a color display of the control panel in a ‘laptop’ format. Data on detected targets is transferred via the installed radio station, which operates in the range of centimeters. Despite the absence of its own pivot mechanism, the antenna provides sector observation at 60 degrees azimuth beam width.


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