China is interested in purchasing more Tu-204 aircraft


Chinese authorities are considering the possibility of purchasing another batch of Russian-produced Tu-204 airliners, Vzglyad reports with reference to a source close to Russian aircraft industry.

This intention is connected with successful development of a flying testbed derived from Tu-204-120SE cargo aircraft (with the participation of Russian specialists), the source told Interfax.

He added that Tupolev Company is responsible for upgrading the aircraft, while the Chinese party installs avionics and other equipment.

We remind you that in February 2013 Russia and China signed a contract for conversion of one Tu-204-120SE cargo aircraft operated in China into a flying testbed. At the same time Chinese party announced the start of implementation of this contract (the work should have been completed within a year). Tupolev Company in its own turn developed documentation for conversion of the aircraft and controlled the process.

Tu-204-120SE aircraft is intended for transporting containerized cargo. It is powered by two Rolls-Royce RB211-534Е4 engines having a thrust of 178 kN each. The jet’s maximum takeoff weight is 105 tons. The aircraft was certified in Russia and its type certificate was validated in China.


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