Su-30SM fighter will be armed with a supersonic cruise missile


Irkut Corporation will upgrade Su-30SM fighters operated by Russian air forces so the jets will be able to carry supersonic cruise missiles, reports with reference to CEO of the corporation, Oleg Demchenko.

According to him, the Ministry of Defense is elaborating the corresponding program at the moment and raising funds required to implement the project.

It was reported earlier that Irkut Corporation upgraded Su-30MKI fighter operated by India so it is able to use BrahMos-A supersonic cruise missile derived from the Yakhont missile by BrahMos Aerospace (joint venture established by Russia and India). 42 jets of the type operated by Indian air forces will be upgraded.

Su-30SM multi-role super-maneuverable fighter manufactured by Irkutsk Aviation Plant (Irkut Corporation) was derived from Su-30MKI jets delivered to India (over 200 jets of the type were delivered to the customer since 1999), Algeria (44 jets) and Malaysia (18 jets). Russian air forces and navy placed orders for a total of 72 Su-30SM fighters. Kazakhstan is going to purchase four Su-30SM fighters.


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