Russian air forces to take delivery of more than 10 upgraded Tu-95 bombers in two years


By the end of 2016 Russia will upgrade over 10 Tu-95MS strategic bombers, reports with reference to press-service of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

In particular, the aircraft will be fitted with new avionics; navigation system will be upgraded as well as landing system. The upgrade is being carried out at the site of Gromov Flight Research Institute (Zhukovsky, Moscow Region). In 2014 its specialists upgraded eight Tu-95MS bombers.

In the course of the upgrade the specialists had to master new technologies, develop and use special tooling, introduce new equipment and tools, Deputy Production Director of Zhukovsky base, Vladimir Khokhlov, said. «All these works were carried out in a very short time and with high quality,» he noted.

Tu-95MS bombers together with Tu-22M3 and Tu-160 are the cornerstones of the Russian long-range aviation. Russian air forces operate around 120 Tu-22M3, 64 Tu-95MS and 16 Tu-160 bombers. These vehicles will remain in operation until 2020s-2030s, after that the next-generation PAK DA bomber will replace them.


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