KRET continues development of IM-21-2 displays for MS-21 aircraft in cooperation with its Austrian partners


Specialists of the Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau (UIMDB, part of KRET) discussed the status of the project for development of equipment for the MS-21 aircraft with colleagues from TTTech Computertechnik AG (TTTech, Austria), press-service of KRET reports.

“Our Austrian partners are developing an interface module for our IM-21-2 multi-role displays for MS-21 aircraft using our performance specification. TTTech’s module ensures interaction between the displays and the aircraft equipment,” UIMDB Chief Designer Alexander B. Vinogradov said.

In the network of this project the enterprise is developing displays and integrated aircraft equipment control system, general aircraft equipment control system, backup instruments system and life support system controls, the company added.

Besides MS-21 project, KRET is developing avionics suites for military and civil aircraft (airplanes and helicopters): UIMDB is developing display and indication systems, critical flight modes warning systems, systems for measuring altitude and speed parameters, flow angle sensors as well as data acquisition and power supply control systems, etc.


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