In 2015 Rossiya special aircraft division will take delivery of nine aircraft


In 2015 Rossiya special aircraft division will take delivery of two new Il-96s, two Tu-204s, three Tu-214s and two Sukhoi SuperJet 100 aircraft as well as three new helicopters, Izvestiya reports with reference to the press secretary of the Department of Presidential Affairs Viktor Khrekov.

“This year in the network of a federal target investment program the special aircraft division will take delivery of the following aircraft: two Il-96s from Voronezh, two Tu-204s from Ulyanovsk, three Tu-214s from Kazan, two SSJ 100s and three helicopters. Contracts for deliveries of the abovementioned aircraft were signed in 2012–2014 period,” Khrekov said.

Today the special aircraft division operates 59 aircraft. The Rossiya is not going to expand its fleet: new aircraft will replace the outdated ones, mostly Tu-154 and Il-62 liners, Khrekov said. These liners (the division operates only passenger aircraft) will be disposed of or handed over to interested agencies. He didn’t explain what agencies could be interested in these aircraft and the age of the vehicles.

Il-96-300PU (PU means command post) aircraft is used by the President and Prime Minister of Russia. The federal target investment program approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia in 2011includes purchase of Il-96-300PU М1 (М stands for “upgraded version”) seating 47 passengers and Il-96-300PU featuring a “Salon” configuration seating 160 passengers. In January 2014 Department of Presidential Affairs signed a contract with the only supplier – United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) – for delivery of Il-96-300 (Salon) worth 3,75 billion rubles and Il-96-300PU (М1) worth 5,2 billion rubles. Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VASO, part of UAC) said that it would deliver two Il-96-300 jets in 2015.


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