Aviastar-SP manufactured another set of fuselage panels for first MS-21 flying prototype


Aviastar-SP completed production of a set of fuselage panels (7 pieces) for first MS-21 flying prototype. The production took around three months. The panels will be delivered to Irkutsk Aviation Plant (part of Irkut Corporation) soon for further assembly, press-service of Aviastar-SP reports.

“Other MS-21 components are being manufactured in parallel. The assembly of fuel tanks is being completed. The baggage door has been manufactured and the assembly of cargo door has been started (the doors intended for bench testing),” head of MS-21 project Vasiliy Dontsov said.

Preparation for assembly of tail wing box, fin compartment and fin of the first MS-21 flying prototype will be completed soon, the press-service added.

MS-21 family of short- and medium-haul airliners is being developed by Irkut Corporation. In the network of cooperation, the Ulyanovsk-based aviation plant is responsible for production of the following components: fuselage panels for sections F1, F2, F3, F4, F5; fin compartment and APU compartment; all the doors (11 doors per aircraft); vertical and horizontal stabilizers (with rudders and elevators).


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