Technodinamika Will Rank Among the World’s Top 5 Aviation Equipment Suppliers


Aviation Equipment, part of Rostec Corporation, presented its new brand Technodinamika on March 11. Technodinamika is planning to enter the world’s top 5 suppliers of aviation systems and units. The overall volume of investments in the holding’s development will exceed 70 billion rubles.

“Technodinamika is experiencing a new stage of its development. In recent years, much work has gone in to overcoming the lingering aircraft-building crisis. And credit rightfully goes to this holding company,” said Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec Corporation. “Taking into account its new development strategy, the holding is planning to increase its revenue threefold by 2020, that is, from 21 to 70 billion rubles, and rank among the world’s top 5 aviation equipment suppliers. The new brand with international potential will help the company to reach the level of global leaders. Forming a really high-quality working brand means opening a gate to commercial success.”

According to its development strategy, by 2020, the holding intends to become a global supplier of 12 aviation systems, including landing gear; aircraft power supply, safety, and life-support systems; power units; and hydraulic and fuel systems. It is expected that consolidated net returns will increase by almost 4 times, up to 6.4 billion rubles.


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