Technodinamika and Microturbo will create a power unit together

In accordance with this memorandum, Technodinamika Holding has the exclusive right to supply units and provide technical support in the interests of its first customer, Russian Helicopters. In the future, Technodinamika and Microturbo intend to jointly increase the pool of customers for the new product to foreign helicopter markets.

As part of launching the new brand, Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk, Russian Helicopters Deputy CEO Roman Chernyshev, and Microturbo head Pierre-Yves Morvan signed the agreement.

“The joint project with Microturbo to create the modern Saphir 15 power unit for Russian Helicopters affirms the effective development and strengthening of business ties between Technodinamika and foreign partners, even during difficult conditions for the Russian economy,” said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika. “We plan to sign a binding agreement with financing partners and financial institutions in the near future.”

Technodinamika has already completed the first phase of the project, technical sketches, and has moved on to the detailed design stage. The international agreement authorizes the companies to jointly create and continue the modernization of the Saphir 15 power unit.


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