Sergey Shoygu: Russia to expand patrol areas of strategic bombers


Russian strategic bombers to start patrolling new areas in the network of cooperation with allies, TASS reports with reference to Russian Minister of Defense General of the Army Sergey Shoygu.

The minister reminded that Russian aircraft are constantly on duty and protecting the state borders in different regions.

“I must admit that the flights are performed on regular basis and we are not going to change that,” the minister stated.

“In future we are going to start patrolling new areas under agreements with our allies in other countries of the world,” Shoygu added.

He reminded that in February Tu-95MS strategic bombers performed flights above Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea as well as northeast part of the Atlantic. In particular, the aircraft performed aerial refueling. It was reported earlier that during this flight British Typhoon fighters escorted the Russian bombers.


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