First delivery of BMD-4 and BTR-MDM armoured vehicles arrived to the Airborne formation of Tula


The acceptance of a new batch of 24 BMD-4M and BTR-MDM from Kurgan machine plant was held by the servicemen of the Tula Airborne formation. All the vehicles underwent maintenance procedures and were put in storage. After the acceptance they will be ceremoniously handed over to the crews. It is to be mentioned that two Airborne battalions are to be equipped with the newest amphibious infantry fighting vehicles BMD-4M and armoured personnel carriers BTR-MDM by the end of 2015.

The BMD-4M is the latest generation of Russian-made airborne armoured infantry fighting vehicle that can be para-dropped to provide firepower and support for airborne troops. It is an upgraded variant of the BMD-4 (BMD-3M). The BMD-4M was developed by the Russian defence Companies Volgograd Tractor Plant and the Tula KBP Instrument Design Bureau, the vehicle is manufactured by Kurganmashzavod Joint Stock Company. The BMD-4M is fitted with a two-man turret armed with a 2A70 100mm caliber gun, coupled to a 30mm 2A72 cannon and a 7.62mm PKT coaxial machine gun mounted to the right of the main armament.


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