Brazilian companies see potential in cooperating with UEC


Saturn Research and Production Company is striving to develop its cooperation with Brazilian experts. On a business trip, Marcos Pinotti, one of the leading bioengineers in the world, and Eugenia Shamis, CEO of Sherpa S Pro and advisor to the Vice-Governor of Samara Region, visited the enterprise of the United Engine Corporation.

Marcos Pinotti is considered one of the world’s 100 top scientists in bioengineering and bionics. He is the owner of a large number of patents in Brazil, serves as an advisor to the Office of the President of Brazil for Technological Development, sits on the boards of Brazil and the United States on the future of engineering, and is the president of the international Latin-American Society of Biomaterials.

The visit to Rybinsk followed meetings of Saturn representatives in Brazil as part of a joint program between Sherpa S Pro and RVK, “Cooperation Across the Ocean: Opening Innovation to Brazil.”

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