“Avtokran” supplying military equipment


“Avtokran” is preparing for the delivery of another batch of vehicles at the request of military organizations.

Only in 2014 the plant has produced more than 20 mobile cranes for military use. Military  organizations  couldchoose between KC-3574M2, 3574M3 COP, COP-45731M1, 45731M2 of carrying capacity of 16 tons.

Crane KS-45731M1, equipped with modern boom ovoid profile with length of 23 meters and the largest in its class workers leaving for 21 meters, deserves special attention in this line. This crane can be used for the movement of hazardous cargo and operates without installing anything on the outriggers. High load on the chassis frame handles 3-axle chassis Ural-4320 having 6×6. The machine is even capable of moving with the load on the hook, that is inaccessible to many civilian models. Reinforced front axles and steering, wide tires alternating pressure ensure reliable operation of the equipment with full off-road.


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