Novokuznetsk Carriage Works mastered production of innovative gondola cars


Novokuznetsk Carriage Plant entered into the National Register “Leading industrial enterprises of Russia-2014”.

In 2014, in accordance with the strategy of development of railway transport in Russia, Novokuznetsk Carriage Plant  launched into production an innovation gondola car: Model 12-9850-02 on carts 18-194-1 and model 12-9853 on 18-9855 carts. These gondola cars have a higher load capacity – 75 tons, mileage up to depot repair – 500 thousand km, and increased service life to 32 years. Load of wheel pair axle is 25 ton.

The introduction of a new generation of open wagons, with increased load capacity, strength and durability, and ease of use, can significantly increase the economic efficiency of transport.


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