Mobile Radar Optimized to Detect UAVs


The Russian company NNIIRT has introduced an export version of its 1L121-E mobile 3-D air-defence radar at the Aero-India 2013 airshow in India. The 1L121-E solid-state active phased array radar that operates in the UHF band is designed to detect small air targets such as low-flying mini unmanned aerial vehicles (mini UAVs) and precision-guided munitions (PGMs). The radar is mounted on vehicular platforms and is operated by a crew of three.

The radar detects and classifies up to four different target types, positioning each target with an accuracy of 100 meters, with 1 degree accuracy in elevation and azimuth. It will differentiate between two targets spaced 300m apart. In addition to the detection of targets the radar also performs electronic profiling of the target, assessing signals emitted by aircraft, drones or PGMs. This input can assist in threat assessment, jammer location and identification of non-cooperating targets (IFF).



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